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Let Krystal Klear Pools take care of your pool and we will provide you

with enjoyable swimming year after year

Your weekly service includes Standard Chemicals AND the following:

  • Chemical level inspection and maintenance                                                                                                    
  • Includes: chlorine, acid, soda ash, sodium bicarb, clarifier, D.E.

  • Brushing steps and walls
  • Skimming all leaves and other debris from top of pool
  • Emptying skimmer and pump baskets
  • Vacuuming as needed
  • Backwashing once every month or when necessary (where applicable)
  • Checking and reporting any issues regarding cleaners or pool equipment that is necessary to the filtration or circulation of the pool.

In order to keep your pool and/or spa clean throughout the year, various maintenance measures are required at an additional charge, including:

  • Filter cleans (cartridge and DE filters twice a year, sand filters 3-4 yrs).
  • Replacement of old skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Replacement of floating chlorinator.
  • Extra chemicals (i.e. algaecide, extra shock, extra chlorine, phosphate remove, extra salt for salt systems, etc.)  Dependant upon what type of chemicals needed and how much.

As a part of your service, the weekly service technician inspects your equipment.  We do this in order to be sure the pool is functioning properly.  Each component of your pool equipment is important to another’s function and depending on the importance of equipment needing repair and/or replacement, we will be out to take care of the item with all haste. 

*Please note that weekly inspections only include the equipment necessary to the filtration and circulation of the pool (i.e. pumps, motors, filters, etc.) and items that maintain the pools cleanliness (vacuums, pop-up systems).  This does NOT include anything that the pool will function normally without (i.e. heaters, spa blowers, etc.).

If the weekly service technician finds anything not working as it should – or at all – we will get you an estimated cost of the work suggested/required.  Our policy is to always to notify our customers before we go out on any chargeable repairs unless otherwise indicated by you.

Our full-time repair technicians are available to fix existing pool equipment and install any new pool equipment that may be needed or requested.

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